Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ad Wars Kick It Up a Notch - RALPH Answers the Phone

Reportedly outraged at Konservo's recent accusatory ad proclaiming him a "sissy" and "donut-bumper" for refusing to meet his former associate in debate, RALPH and his campaign today fired back with a new campaign advertisement outlining the value of his experience in...well, whatever RALPH is actually experienced in.

Whether it was Campaign Blat or California Blat referenced in the ad remains unclear. The Sonny Brothers, speaking for Team RALPH, declined to comment, Sonny White declaring that the advertisement "speaks for itself."


Hiram T. Peashucker said...

The Blat in that there comurshal sure ain't Californy Blat. It's probly the other feller. The one who missed out on the brains when that cloning thang went down. Now he's just a no-count zomby. Sorta like RALPH.

Anonymous said...

They so have my vote.

Yakki.Psd said...


Ralph/Blat going all the way!

et said...

Thanks for the YouTube comment, Yakki!