Tuesday, March 25, 2008


The Troll Party organizers have done the impossible! We’ve gotten RALPH, Konservo and California Blat to agree to answer YOUR questions and, we hope, DEBATE one another VIGOROUSLY on the issues!

On the evening of Tuesday, April 1, the Candidates will answer YOUR questions on any topic you choose to ask them about:
• war in the Middle East
• the environment
• doughnut bumping
• American Idol
• the meaning of life
• favorite toilet cleaners...

You name it, they'll debate it! No subject is off limits!

If you want to submit questions in advance to give the Candidates time to think (they need a LOT of time for that, you know), you can post them in the Comments section of this post, or on Newshounds Off-Topic Forum.

More details and logistical stuff to follow. Just stay tuned!

Will RALPH go orgasmic if he hears the word “pantsuit”?
Will Konservo give us a preview of his new Cher tribute show?
Will California Blat bring his seven line-dancing Rottweilers?

Join us on April 1 and find out!

They debate.... you decide! .
•°*”`.•°*”`.•°*”`.•°*”``”*°•.`”*°•.`”*°•. ”*°•.


Anonymous said...

So looking forward to it!

Yakki.Psd said...

Yes please send your selection of topics and questions to the blog and our media personalities wil field them to the candidates for you!

It's Democracy in action,troll style!

Don't miss being a part of history!

et said...

I for one would really like to hear all the candidates' positions on climate change.

Yakki.Psd said...

I think I'd like to know Konservo's opinion on Ralph's tussle headed hairstyle.

Also,I'd like a Blat on the surge in Iraq,and how he thinks that paying bribes to insurgents is "good business" or not.

et said...

Then there's the whole PANTSUIT matter. We know where Ralph stands. Konservo probably thinks that pantsuits can be fabulous if correctly accessorized and made of quality fabrics. Where exactly is California Blat on the issue?

et said...

OH, and here's one for RALPH - how do you intend to balance your responsibilities as President with completion of "The Morning After" and the ongoing work of your Windshield Ministry? Is it realistic to believe you can handle all three jobs with equal effectiveness?

wee nelson said...

I've got one question for all the candidates: what are you going to do about health care? How are good trolls like you going to fix the US system so that people aren't dying in the street, the way they do in socialist countries like Canada?