Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Town Hall Lives On in Cyberspace

Well, ladies and gentlemen of Trollsylvania; residents of Freeperville; envoys from the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy; and anyone else who happens to have stumbled across tonight's festivities - the lights are dimming in Yantis, Texas (a former finalist for "Most Redneck Town In America"). The prospective candidates have all stumbled toward their campaign convoys, the pundits have begun their evaluations, and volunteers are cleaning up the detritus of the debate-closing ceremonial donut-drop.

But that doesn't mean the Town Hall is over! By no means. The candidates and representatives of their campaigns have pledged to continue monitoring your further questions and to respond to them as they arise. Think of it as the 7-Eleven of campaign debates: we never close!

In the coming days you'll see in this space insightful or at least space-filling reports from journalists on this debate - who were the winners, the losers, and Miss Congeniality. Audio and video coverage is also anticipated, to memorialize for all time the highlights and lowlights of this landmark event.

So, thanks to the providers of our debate venue, to our readers for their questions and issues, and to California Blat, Konservo and RALPH for their participation this evening. From the Troll Party Town Hall, I'm your host, RalphyFan. Good night: vote early, vote often.


Anonymous said...

It was fantastic. I most enjoyed it.

RalphyFan said...

Pleased to hear from a constituent. All the Troll Party candidates hope you will have questions to pose in the weeks to come and that you will participate in the Troll Party Caucus/Primary/Convention roundtables to come.

Until then, vote early and vote often.

Yakki.Psd said...

It was grand,IMO.

Would make a seriously excellent miniseries for TV. A Parody of RL events in 2000,so to speak,lol.