Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Press Release: 6/26/07

From the office of, Asst. Mgr. Ralph (ret.),
My opinions about certain groups of people (including, but not necessarily, exclusive to),
Iranians (Persian)
et. al.,

Are purely my own. They in no way signify prejudice. Unless, of course, they happen to be supporters of Senator Clinton and anyone to the left of her. Then they should be aware of the consequences such an administration might take in resolving issues.

I am currently rolling on the floor, and laughing my ass off.

(Asst. Mgr. Ralph will be available for a get-to-know-your-religion meeting, this friday at the Wal-Mart in Columbus Ohio.)


vermontdave said...

People! When forming the expressions of Asst Mgr Ralphs thoughts, keep in mind, 'The Caps Lock key does not exist'. Apparently, some sections of our target demographic find this annoying.

et said...

But, when we are directly quoting our Fearless Leader, vermontdave, do we not have to INCLUDE VERBATIM THE CAPS? Given that they indicate beyond reasonable doubt his intended emphasis (aka, everything)?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

When I quote Ralph directly I am not changing the caps locks. It shows how nuts he is. And isn't that the point of the site?