Monday, June 25, 2007

VOTE NOW for the Ralph/Blat Campaign Theme Song!

Not to be outdone by PIAPS, we're calling upon you, the Ralph/Blat faithful, to vote for the theme song you feel best exemplifies the "seeing-red" values this dynamic duo brings to the 2008 campaign. Choose your favorite from the poll below, or offer up an alternative by posting a comment with your suggestion(s).

Regardless of how you vote, ultimately RALPH will choose whichever one God tells him to on that particular day, just because that's how he operates.

Which of the following should be the campaign theme song for Ralph/Blat 2008?
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Vote early and often, but no more than once per day.

Ralph/Blat 2008! Lunatic candidates for a crazy world!


Anonymous said...

I can't vote for what Kind Of Fool Am I. I love Sammy D's version.

Wee Nelson said...

It's not up there but I vote for Send in the Clowns.

Anonymous said...

"Meeting in the Air"