Thursday, July 26, 2007

RALPH interviewed By Donkey

In an exclusive interview, Donkey, via webcast, queried the cutout representation of RALPH. Shockingly, another candidate plus a one time consideration for RALPH'S VP slot, also consented to Democratic Donkey's interview.

As can be seen below, RALPH offered many deep insights to the current crises facing America, as well as multi-faceted solutions.

"RALPH'S leadership and charisma are undeniable," one staffer is quoted as saying, "His message is accessible to anyone - from the mentally deranged to the Pat Buchanan supporter. Everyone can get behind this."

Donkey, the now "exclusive" video interviewer of RALPH, attempted to contact Jesus for post-interview comment. Jesus could not be reached. Donkey and several staffers tried prayer, but to no avail.

Full interview on the link below:


et said...

RALPH's frenzied laughter in that interview is exactly as I always imagined it, Kim. An instant classic! I hope we can look forward to further interviews by Donkey!

IB said...
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IB said...

OMG, that interview is just hilarious. Brilliant!

RALPH was even better than I could have imagined (you've got to love that laugh). But I was really amazed by Giuliani's ability to stick to his main points, er, point, even under relentless grilling by Donkey.

As for Jesus, I have it on very good authority (I've got my sources) that he can glide.......


Btw, Donkey is rapidly becoming my favorite interviewer. Awesome stuff, Kim! I want more, please...