Saturday, August 11, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: Ralph accused of sockpuppetry

Reuters—On today's episode of The Istvan Factor, guest Marie Therese, an official in the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy (VLWC), alleged that US presidential candidate Ralph had been posting at her website under the name "Über-Troll". While this is not the first time such allegations have been made, it is the first time they have come from such a high-ranking VLWC member.

The use of multiple identities, called sockpuppets, is prohibited by 11 CFR §537.

Ralph's campaign had no immediate comment, except to say that it was "probably PIAPS' fault." The candidate himself could not be immediately contacted.


Mr. President (Mr. P) said...

GOD BLESS President Bush!!!

et said...

So, why'd you give up the "Goob" identity, Ralphie? Or did that particular nom de pixel hit a little too close to home...?

Anonymous said...

:) I like it Sergei. You know I don't get to be the judge and jury. However, I have more power than 99% of Americans have. So says Proud American.

wee nelson said...

Good stuff guys. How would you describe the Istvan Factor? "No-Bob Zone?" "No-Troll Zone?" "No-Fox Zone?" Or...?

You know who this is said...

It's funny how you Libtards have abandoned TP!!!!

TROLLS WIN!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I never posted there in the first place.

Sergei Andropov said...

Neither have I.

Anonymous said...

I read the news blurbs on TP, but almost never the comments.

mr. president said...

Well, ask theroachman.

It's a conservative blog now!!!

Anonymous said...

"It's a conservative blog now."

So, when ants find a way to creep into your home, it is then mystically transformed into an anthill? You call in the exterminator, as often as needed. Ants go marching, one by one. Or, in your case, the only one, talking to yourself. Hurrah, hurrah!

That's all you are, Pee. An anthill of one.

Crement Boffo said...

Whaz if

If Ralph and Blat are raptured what is the line of succession ?

et said...

If Ralph and Blat are raptured what is the line of succession?

Konservo the Candidate? Ye gods, Crement Boffo...the mind reels at so unthinkable a notion.

Let us just hope that RALPH and Blat both have it all wrong.