Saturday, August 4, 2007

RALPH Campaign Stop in DEMLIB Country

RALPH, in an unprecedented attempt to reach out to voters deep in Blue State country, made a stop in a Hartford, CT basement laundry. Of course, Donkey was there to capture each gripping moment.

PIAPS suspected in subterfuge.


IB said...

BWAHAHA! Awesome!

Well, at least, there will be no need to utilize the delicate cycle for RALPH.

Kim, I hope you hit the start button on that dryer before you left the laundry!

Nice acoustics, in there, btw...

et said...

Ha! That's great! Pity the poor next laundry patron, though...they'll have to scrape RALPH outta there along with the dryer lint.

Also - no kidding - my word verification for this post is "mcnertf." Sounds like a battle cry. McNertf!

Kudos to Kim and to Donkey.

wee nelson said...

Makes me wanta sing;

"I'm gonna wash that RALPH right outa my hair..."

Sergei Andropov said...

Virescit vulnere virtus! Clan McNertf will see glory this day!